Ethical Guidelines for AI-Powered Staffing

In the current AI landscape, AI-powered Staffing has shown a commitment to fairness in its algorithmic operations. We are pleased to share our principles for the ethical use of AI within our company. Our aim is to assist our clients with effective staffing and recruitment solutions, and we are open to continuous learning and improvement.

The HR manager is our main focus. As a company, our goal is to utilize AI in revolutionizing recruitment and staffing processes aiming to make this technology accessible to all recruiters and HR managers. All our AI development, management, and usage are governed by our mission and this guiding principle.

Foster fairness and equity. Talent is universally prevalent, but opportunities may not be. The scale at which AI operates can often reinforce or amplify the biases and obstacles faced by recruiters if not handled correctly. Therefore, effective controls and observation, in line with AI-powered Staffing's privacy policy, is essential to the successful use of AI systems and to protect our clients who rely on our recruitment and staffing solutions.

Be flexible and progress. A dedication to fairness and equity necessitates unique solutions, specialist knowledge and hard work. These concepts are highly dependent on context and can vary culturally. Our products are designed with both quantitative and qualitative fairness measures from the start, in conjunction with the experiences and feedback of recruiters and HR managers. We understand that learning is an ongoing process and our work is constantly developing.

Recruiting is human. While AI can enhance, support, and assist individuals to excel at their work, recruitment is inherently a human process. As we strive to simplify the recruitment process with AI, it is crucial that we also recognize the important role humans play in hiring decisions.

Innovate with care. The growth of AI has given rise to new opportunities for recruiters and business leaders. Yet, it's paramount that these technological advancements are handled carefully, with thought and clear evaluations. These AI systems must be transparent, accountable, and governed securely. We encourage open discussions on the use of AI in recruitment, staffing, and business development.

We’re committed to improving hiring through Ethical Hybrid AI

At AI-Powered Staffing, we believe building a diverse team and ethical culture is win-win for candidates and organizations. The studies back this up — diverse teams financially outperform their peers by 36 percent (McKinsey reports on inclusion and diversity) and ethical teams outperform their peers by 80 percent (Deloitte). But diversity isn’t a box to check, it’s a commitment to thinking about talent and non-traditional candidates in a new way. Using Hybrid AI, we tie initiatives to business outcomes at every part of the hiring process.AI-Powered Staffing’s AI systems are assessed continually through internal data reporting and periodically through an independent 3rd party audit from legal, policy and technical experts in AI. With AI-Powered Staffing, you can be confident that your hiring process will be less biased, more effective, and compliant with current and upcoming laws and regulation.

What is hybrid AI?

Hybrid AI combines artificial intelligence (machine learning algorithms, and data analytics) with human insight and intuition. It's a system that capitalizes on the strengths of both AI and human judgment, ensuring that decisions, analyses, or actions benefit from the scale and efficiency of machines and the nuance and context understanding of humans. In the context of hiring, it streamlines the recruitment process, making it faster, more precise, and more tailored to individual company needs and candidate aspirations. This technology transcends traditional recruitment practices, optimizing the process by blending machine intelligence with human intuition.

Building a fair, ethical hybrid AI system

AI-Powered Staffing takes a principled approach to developing Hybrid AI so your company is able to mitigate bias in hiring, while bringing transparency and data to the hiring process.

Safety & Effectiveness

AI systems are developed and used in a way that enhances human ability and does not harm.

Accountability & Transparency

People should be able to understand why and how the AI makes the decisions it does.

Fairness & Equal Opportunity

AI systems should not disadvantage anyone who is using or going through the AI system.

Privacy and Data Protection

AI should respect people’s privacy and only collect and use data that is necessary.